What Patients Say

Dear Dr. Fricke,

Just a little thank you for the beautiful smile you gave me! This picture was taken on one of the most eventful nights of my life. I’m so thankful that I was able to smile with pride that evening. Thanks a million for everything you’ve done.

Queen of Olympia XXX

Hi Dr. Fricke,

I had a wonderful time with my braces on. I loved coming to get my braces tightened because I got to see the nicest people I have ever met.

Charles B.

Dear Dr. Fricke,

Thanks for your diligence. Your smile and joy have made me feel welcomed in your office. Thanks for my new smile.

Aaron B.

Dr. Fricke,

Dr. Westfall sang praises of you when he checked John’s teeth in preparation of his surgery. It will not be as extensive as first anticipated because of your excellent work and care. My son and I do appreciate you and your staff’s caring. I am proud to tell anyone that you are his orthodontist.

Dianne T.

To Dr. Fricke and your staff,

I want to say thanks. Thanks to each of you for the special care and attention you displayed at each appointment. Thanks for making me feel really comfortable and relaxed. Thanks for all of the good that you have done for me. My family still cannot believe that I have such a beautiful smile.

Thanks again,
Hunter P.

Dr. Fricke,

The first night I slept with my sleep appliance, I didn't snore. This appliance is the best thing that has happened for my marriage.

Thank you,

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